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Job Application 

Earn money on your own time

Line Rushers is hiring Rushers to provide good customer experiences. Line Rushers wants to improve the hassle of lining up or camping out for events. These events will be held: in movie theaters, musicals, concerts, movie premiere, shopping sales (Target, etc), and many more. Customers can book a request through Line Rushers very easily. We are currently hiring freelancers in Los Angeles. 

​Ready to meet new people and get that communication ready, sign up as a Rusher. 

Must be 18 years old or older 
iPhone or Android Smart Phones 

Questions and Answers

How do I become a Rusher?
Rushers will need a smartphone (iPhone or Android).

How much do I get paid?
Rushers will get paid $28/hr, depending on the assigned task. 

How will I get paid?
We will be paying you through Venmo or Paypal. Line Rushers will NOT PAY IN CASH. 

Most rushers see the deposit in their bank account every Friday of the same week. If your task is on a weekend, you'll be seeing your payment on a Friday. 

What is this job for?
You will hold people’s spots in line for concerts, conventions, etc. 

What is camping?
Some Rushers will be camping out in line for events such as concerts, conventions, etc. They must prepare for a long wait time. 

What is Line Rusher’s work requirement?
Employees will be required a BACKGROUND CHECK and quick training.

What happens if a person is mad when you cut in line?

  1. Tell them about our service. 

  2. Make sure to notify the customer when it’s almost time for them to come back. Don’t forget to update the customer’s line status.

Benefits and Perks

  1. Commuter Assistance: Line Rushers assistance program helps employees find commuter resources. (For example, our team will cover $25 of your transportation fee or parking fee). Exclusive Discounts: Employees will receive a $15 off discount to any of our services. 

  2. Experience Events: A complimentary event tickets to conventions will be offered for some services that are needed to complete. 

  3. Make Good Earnings: Employees will be able to make good earnings.

  4. Free Meal: A free meal will be offered for those working 8 hours or more shifts.

  5. Fuel Compensation: If you are driving our company will compensate you for your gas that you have used during this time. Please, send us proof of milage that you have traveled for your task. 

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